TiE Collision Mixer

TiE Toronto is set to host an exceptional Summer Collision Mixer on 20th June 2024, 5-9 PM EST at RBC Waterpark, Toronto, Ontario.

TiE Collision Mixer

This will be an evening to network, connect & have fun with live musical performance & live bar.

The social mixer promises to bring together investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and innovators from various industries, creating a perfect platform for networking, idea exchange, and collaboration. Attendees can anticipate engaging conversations, valuable connections, and the opportunity to explore potential partnerships and business ventures.

With TiE Toronto's expertise in fostering entrepreneurship, this social mixer is expected to be a memorable occasion for all attendees.

TiE Toronto will be hosting TiE members from various TiE chapters around the globe.

What can you expect

  • TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2024 Finale
  • Live Music Performance by Toronto's leading violin player
  • Networking
  • Food & Drinks
    .......and much more


If you are a TiE member, contact us at [email protected] for your coupon code.

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